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Glass Pool Fencing

  • Glass pool fencing - Frameless in concrete channel

    Frameless - Concrete Channel

    The classic frameless glass pool fence!
    With no other fittings to obstruct your view this is a wonderful selection for those who don't want to notice their glass pool fence.    

  • glass pool fence - glass clamps - glass spigots - tough glass worx - melbourne

    Frameless - Spigots

    The in-vogue glass pool fence!
    Utilising a combination of architectural stainless steel fittings and frameless glass this glass pool fence is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.  Great for new and retro-fitted areas.

  • glass pool fence in steel channel in deck

    Frameless - Metal Channel

    When you need to combine decking and frameless glass this is the glass pool fence for you!  Utilising custom made galvanised steel or aluminium channels this glass pool fence will create the look your after. 

  • Glass pool fence - semi frameless - square posts

    Semi Frameless

    The appealing yet affordable glass pool fence.  
    Semi-frameless glass pool fencing can be matched to almost any landscape providing you with a great value, great looking pool barrier.

  • POLARIS gate

    Glass Pool Gate - Frameless - POLARIS

    This frameless glass gate utilises "POLARIS" hinges to give a soft self close every time and eliminates the need for a floor spring. 

    The Magna hinge is an exciting new product, designed and manufactured here in Australia.  The product recently won the "Australian International Design Award".  

  • Semi-Frameless glass pool gate

    Glass Pool Gate - Semi Frameless

    Utilising 8mm glass this gate is the best solution for any semi-frameless glass pool fence.

  • anchored glass pool fence

    Frameless - Anchored

    If achieving the impossible is your forte, then anchored glass is the specialty product you've been searching for!  Side fixed glass has become very popular in both residential and commercial applications.  Some common uses for this stylish fixing method include staircases, balconies and decks.